The Crimson Trail – A Pretty Fun Hike in Logan Utah

Alright friends. Something that I LOVE to do is go on what I like to call “photo hunts”. This involves pretty much just going somewhere that I haven’t gone before, or even somewhere that I have, and trying to find some fun photo spots. I also like to take pictures of the things that I find that are super pretty! I mean I’m there, I have a camera… So why not? Right? One of the first places I did this at is the Crimson Trail in Logan Canyon. I went on this hike during the late spring so I didn’t get to see much “crimson”. BUT! I did see a lot of beautiful places.

Crimson Trail – The Hike

So let’s talk about the hike! I’m super out of shape if I’m being completely honest. With a lot of “photo breaks”, I was able to handle this hike though. The hike goes up to a pinnacle point and you can get there in two different ways. The way that we went comes from the west side of the trail. This was a complete accident because we had no idea what we were doing but this was definitely the less steep side. If you’re going to take the hike, probably start from this side unless you’re up for a pretty big adventure. Going down the other side was a little sketchy, but doable for sure.

Photo Spots

There are quite a few places that would be possible to take some photos along the Crimson Trail. However, it’s not one of those “easy” hikes that you can really just take anyone up to. But if you’re game, and your client(s) are game there are several spots in the campgrounds, along with the trail, at the very top, and on the Logan River trail as well (you gotta get back to your car somehow).


Just like with the post I wrote on Golden Hour you, of course, want to pay attention to lighting. We went in the early morning and the entire way up we were well shaded. But there was still PLENTY of light. Going down the east side of the trail was also pretty shaded but there were spots that had some harsh afternoon light by the time we were headed back down. Like I said, we were slow hikers so it took us a while. Don’t judge. 🙂

Spring Photos!

Alright, time for the last thing before I sign off. The spring photos we were able to get on the Crimson Trail were AWESOME. Ther were so many flowers, some awesome water shots down by the campground and along the Logan River Trail, and of course the classic path pictures.

For more landscape and macro photos be sure to check out the landscape portfolio! Thanks for stopping by.

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