Logan Utah Temple – My First Temple Photos

I had so much fun taking these pictures of the Logan Utah Temple! This little “session” really made me want to go out and take a TON of pictures of all the various temples throughout the world. The architecture and the care that was put into building this beautiful building is just fun to take pictures of. Add the detailed landscaping and water features and you’ve got a recipe¬†for some awesome pictures.

A Walk Around the Logan Utah Temple

First up, I took my son Rhett on a walk around the building to see the various angles it had to offer. It was especially fun because we drive past the Logan Utah Temple all the time and Rhett asks ALL THE TIME if he can go see it. Which is great because it’s a nice reminder to take a trip to the temple. He LOVED our walk around the temple, and so did I. He wasn’t into letting me take his picture, but I tried to talk him into letting me anyway. None of them really turned out. Kids, right?

The Front of the Temple

Of course, the best photos came from the front of the temple. While I was there the sun wasn’t really giving me any love though. It was cloudy when we first got there but the sun came out pretty quickly after that, which made it a little more difficult to get the shots that I wanted to get. Which gives me another great excuse to go back and stake some more pictures! The ones that I did get, though, turned out to be some of my favorite pictures from the day.

Bonus: Pictures at USU

As a little bonus, we then headed up to the USU campus to see if we could get some fun pictures of Old Main. And, I got one that I really liked Old Main, as well as a couple others.

For more pictures like this, check out my gallery!

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