Park City, Utah – Let’s Take Some Photos!

Let’s make one thing really clear. I really enjoy photography. I also really enjoyed wandering around Park City and seeing how beautiful the city and the surrounding areas are. But that doesn’t always make for the perfect photo experience. To be fair, I went there on a work trip (you know for the day job) so I wasn’t expecting to get a ton of chances at photography but I was still super stoked to try. I also had no desire to wake up early and get out to take some awesome early photos. So there is that as well. Darn that laziness, anyways!

Scouting Park City

The first day I was in Park City I decided to do a little bit of scouting. Plus I wanted to find a gas station to buy some Gatorade and Redbull. So I went out at night without my camera and I found some places that I thought would be AWESOME to take some photos of! With all the ski lifts, ski runs, etc. I found a lot of fun leading lines type of shots. However, I was never able to make it back to the spots I wanted to take pictures of, so that was pretty much a waste. Other then it was a good walk, and I did get my Gatorade and Redbull.

Taking a Hike

The next day my friend Bradey was nice enough to take me on a fun little hike up through the mountains around Park City. The dude is a trail runner, so he had already run on this hike. I had to seriously question why he would run on those trails but again… Not in super great shape. :/ I was able to get some fun shots here, and since Bradey went into forestry or something like that in college for a while, he was able to tell me way more about the plants and such than I ever knew before.

My Favorite Picture

However, my favorite pictures didn’t come from any of this! They came from my hotel room!! The lamps gave some really contrasty lighting, and the dark wood nightstand looked awesome with all my stuff on it. I whipped out my camera and took some pictures. And (at least in my opinion) they turned out AWESOME. Some of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken, and it was just of the junk I took with me on my work trip.

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